About KCA

Establishment of Korean Cancer Association (KCA)

‘Korean Cancer Research Association’ was established in November 1958 and it was renamed as the ‘Korean Cancer Association’ in June 1974.

Objective and Activities

The association is destined to make a contribution on the progress and improvement of oncology with the purpose of strengthening the relationship between association members.

  1. To develop the oncology
  2. Opening of Annual meeting with International Conference and Fall Symposium
  3. Cancer Research and Treatment (CRT) is indexed/tracked/covered by SCI, Medline, PubMed, PubMed Central, KoreaMed, CrossRef, Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), SCOPUS, KoMCI, and Google Scholar.
  4. To support internal and external scientific activities of members
  5. Cooperation with other related societies


  1. 1,800 members from 144 Institutes or Hospitals in Korea
  2. Basic and clinical oncologists

International Organizations that KCA participates as a member

  1. Asian and Pacific Federation of Organizations for Cancer Research and Control (APFOCC)
  2. The International Union against Cancer. Union International Centre le Cancer (UICC)

Held the International Conference by KCA

  1. 8th Asia Pacific Cancer Conference (APCC), September 14~19, 1987
  2. AACR International Conference Seoul 2001,
    Co-organized by AACR and KCA, September 10~14, 2001
  3. 6th Asia Clinical Oncology Society (ACOS), November 17~19, 2003
  4. 18th Asia Pacific Cancer Conference (APCC), September 7~9, 2005
  5. 12th World Lung Cancer, September 2~6, 2007
  6. 4th Asia Pacific Lung Cancer Conference, December 2~4, 2010
  7. 10th Asia Clinical Oncology Society, June 13~15, 2012
  8. 24th Asia Pacific Cancer Conference, June 22~24, 2017