Hello, KCA Members,

We are proud of addressing that the Korean Cancer Association (KCA) has made remarkable progress over the past 48 years as a leading oncology organization in Korea. Our first and foremost gratitude goes to the past chairmen, board members, executives, and over 2,000 members who have faithfully devoted themselves to the KCA. And we would like to expand our special thanks to the former working group and staff for working toward a continuous growth of KCA facing the difficult situations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic over the past two years. In the post COVID-19 era, our new working group will make efforts to build a better future of KCA through diversification of the roles and activities for the next two years.

First, we will expand the academic exchange and training opportunities by encouraging the oncology subdivision affiliates and organizations to actively participate in KCA so that our members can grow from the professional expertise across the oncology subspecialties. Since we diverse a network and establish a close relationships with oncology organizations, we will strengthen cooperative studies, including immunity and genetics, as a representative multidisciplinary oncology association that encompasses pre-clinical and clinical studies.

We will provide the highest-quality programs in education, policy, and the pioneering of clinical research to further promote the participation of young basic researchers and clinical scientists, the next generation of leaders for the KCA. Recently, Cancer Research and Treatment (CRT) which is KCA’s official journal has achieved a remarkable index of IF by entering the 5-point range. KCA will promise to vigorously support for CRT to become a leading cancer research journal of Asia. In addition, we will also serve an assistance and partnership in seeking for the public health care and its medical policies for all people’s health and well-being.

Internationally, through active exchanges with the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), we will grow into a global counterpart with AACR. We will also play a pivotal role in the Asian Oncology Society (AOS) with leading the delivery of information and diverse expertise needed by the global oncology community through the conferences to establish ourselves as a representative oncology society in Asia.

With these efforts, the KCA will develop co-prosperity through setting up cooperative values and principles with domestic and overseas cancer-related associations. We ask for your active participation and support so that the KCA can continue to step forward to the final goal of cancer treatment and prevention in Korea.

Tae You Kim